Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Updated script

I've been working on the issues in Plaxo4Gmail. Here is what works:

  • Add/remove/edit entry in Gmail and Plaxo properly reflects the change.
  • Edit or delete an entry in Plaxo or Plaxo linked address book, and Gmail properly reflects the change

Here is what is buggy:

  • Add a new entry in Plaxo or Plaxo linked address book and Gmail gets all the information,... BUT, Gmail does not record a photo entry for the new contact when updating "en masse" (lots of updates at the same time like an initial "slow sync"). Without this photo on their server (or "ghost image" for empty photo entries), we cannot open the new contact to edit in Gmail.

I am playing around with some ideas to see if I can give the Gmail site a few milliseconds to catch up with the newly added entry. I 'll post a working version here soon.