Sunday, December 31, 2006

How to add the Plaxo image to Gmail

If you want to add that Plaxo contact image to the Gmail entry for that contact, the script gives you an easy way to do it.

Simply find an entry on a Plaxo synced contact in Gmail that has an image.

  1. COPY the "Other: Photo Url:" address from either Work or Personal.
  2. Now go into the edit contact in Gmail and choose "Upload Picture".
  3. You should see the regular "Upload a picture" dialog. Click "Browse...", and you should be looking at a system "File Upload" dialog.
  4. PASTE the address of "Other: Photo Url" into the file name box and click open.
  5. The "File Upload" dialog will momentarily go grey, disappear and the "Upload a picture" dialog will now have an address in it from the local machine.
  6. Click "Upload Picture >>", crop and save.