Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Plaxo Adds Google Support


GMail is now syncable from Plaxo. I've tried it out and it works. I'm not sure if P4G has a reason for existing now, but I plan on taking the code and what I have learned to sync other systems into Plaxo. The next project may be "Mobical" sync so we will have a way to use Plaxo with SyncML.

Thanks everyone for trying P4G!

Sincerely, Greg


Can you give a quick run down of how it works? I can't find any info over at Plaxo.

Thanks for your hard work - you certainly plugged a gap there!

I'm guessing we'll see support in Plaxo 3.0, yeah?

Did you get invited to the beta of Plaxo 3.0? I emailed, but have yet to receive an invite.

Go to http://preview.plaxo.com/po3/ and sign in. It's cool.

Plaxo 3.0 is cool - looks like it's missing support for GMail for Domains support tho?


Is it just me, or is Gmail missing? I saw support for everything but Google.

Same here... Looking for Gmail but it's not there

I've just tried it out, and Plaxo lets me sync with Google Calendar, but not with Gmail Contacts. Am I missing a trick, or is that feature not implemented yet?

I would like to know how it works as well. Is there a link to the code or a basic description of what functions you used.

Thanks ... Paul


I'm not seeing anything on Plaxo that allows for GMail sync. In fact, searching their help system for "gmail sync" brings up responses that indicate they *don't* support it.

How are you doing it, then?

And now, the sync doesn't seem to work from within Gmail Contacts. The little blue arrows spin and spin, but:
- edits in Plaxo don't show up in Gmail
- edits in Gmail don't show up in Plaxo

P4G seemed to do an initial "sync" but now both Gmail Contacts and Plaxo don't remain in sync. What am I doing wrong?

I'd like to sync plaxo and Gmail contacts. Plaxo tells me (as of sep 17/07) that they only support google calendar syning (and that works very well) but I really need to sync my Plaxo with Gmail contacts.

Here is Plaxo's official reply as of Sep/19/07:
I would like to inform you that, as of now we do not sync Gmail contacts. However, I have forwarded your feature request to our Product Development Team. They will evaluate if, how and when your suggestion will become a Plaxo 3.0 feature.

hey, i still can't get sync from plaxo to gmail (only the other way, which sucks as gmail adds every e-mail address you send mail to to the address book) and plaxo4gmail stopped working with the new gmail interface :(

any chances you'd still release a new version?

Just thought I'd update the comments here for people who are searching... It's over a year later... guess what... still no support MONTHS after google releases a contacts API. Why? I think it's because comcast bought plaxo, and comcast basically destroys tech companies.