Sunday, February 25, 2007

Prediction: White pages will be obsolete in 3 years

I just received my local phone book. What a waste of paper. I don't even have a landline. It just showed up on my doorstep in a plastic bag yesterday.

When I looked in it, my cellphone numbers are not listed. No surprise there. And looking at it, the yellow pages outnumbered the white pages 5 to 1. If someone was trying to find me, I do not exist in any white pages in the whole world. However if you did a Google search for me, you'd have my contact information in about 1 click on my public vCard page, vCardPlus [+!].

Being public about your persona is nothing to be frightened about. If you are in the white pages, you get those stupid phone calls around dinner. If you have your email posted in plain text, you get spam. What's the difference? Gmail's spam filter is as good as anybodies and I ignore the junk mail inbox anyway. I've never set up one filter and it works brilliantly.

So what do we need white pages for? Nothing. The white pages can't connect you to a person, only a house and I eat my dinner in peace every night.


I've found that the UK phone book makes a very effective sound insulator to stand a noisy computer on.

Alternatively, if you need to raise any furniture by a couple of inches, or require a large supply of firelighting material...