Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Minor Change V1.02

Whats different: Login screen will now properly show error messages generated by Plaxo to assist in troubleshooting.



This is the best plugin I have seen for greasemonkey, Plaxo and Gmail. I am suprised google did not get hot on this before.

Would it be possible to make a syncml adaptation of this? It is being used quite a bit from other services and has become the standard for syncing, since it is open, unlike Plaxo.


Good idea but how would we sync it and to what? The strength of Plaxo4Gmail is that it leverages Plaxo's connectivity with Gmail's address book. Keep sharing the ideas. Whatever your ideas are and I'll consider them for the next version.


There has been much discussion on since they offer a free service which is akin to Plaxo but offers complete sync via SyncML, obviously opening up the possibilities much greater than Plaxo.