Wednesday, January 3, 2007

How to install the script

First, you will need the Firefox Browser,
then install Greasemonkey, (visit if this is your first script)
click on the Plaxo4Gmail link in the "Downloads" sidebar of this site and follow the instructions.

Now open Gmail in Firefox and go to "Contacts".
You will see a "Plaxo Login" link next to the area that says "Add Contact",
click on it and log into Plaxo.

Now the "Plaxo Login" changes to "Sync".
Click on "Sync" and your Gmail contacts will link with Plaxo.
You only have to click "Sync" in the future if your changes are not recording properly with Plaxo or vice versa.


Hi, I saw your site and decided to try it out.. my problem is that the script has been installed but it does not log me in to Plaxo.

Are you using the email you registered with Plaxo or an AIM login?

I get this too. I get the plaxo log in box but nothing happens when you click sign in. the cancel and close buttons work as expected.

browser: Firefox on Linux


also using the Gmail saved searches and Gmail + Google Reader greasemonkey scripts.

and I should have said, I registed with Plaxo using an email address, I do not have an AIM login.


I'll need your help in fleshing this issue out... The tools menu in your Firefox has an Error Console Tool. Open this and click on Messages. The script has been written in such a way I can see where the code is failing. A screen shot sent to my email address of the tool (follow the [+!] link my profile) will help me diagnose the issue for you. Thanks for the heads up.

screenshot sent by email

I started using the script sometime back. The first sync went off smoothly. Thereafter, I had to run a registry cleaner due to some problem which deleted my cookies also. Eversince then, I have the following problems:
1.Duplicate Contacts are raised in GMAIL
2.The sync process does not end. Also contacts updated in GMAIL do not show up in Plaxo.

Well, it appears that I got it installed and connected, and then Google locked my Gmail account with a "Lockdown in Sector 4 " :-)

I'm running Firefox 1.5 on Ununtu 6.06 with the latest greasemonkey.

I once had problem logging into another site that used the Plaxo API (it was the Plaxo widget on Netvibes) . It would continually say my password was wrong which I eventually deduced was caused by the inclusion of the # character in my password (I gues it couldn't parse it correctly). I eventually found that the only way to solve it was by changing my password. Could this be the problem some people are having?