Monday, January 1, 2007


With Greasemonkey, we get the same capabilities to sync as if the script lived on the Gmail site. Greasemonkey and my script are only available for the Firefox browser. My current script is set up for the Live Plaxo site and standard with or without chat Gmail site.

Now we can allow Plaxo users to sync with websites without having to create agreements with the host. The information being exchanged is not proprietary to the site, so I think this is the best way to give web based address books the ability to communicate with Plaxo.

The Greasemonkey advantage includes:

  1. No toolbar on the browser eating up screen real estate
  2. Plaxo setting integration in Gmail settings and a Plaxo sync button on the pages that need it.
  3. No asking for a Gmail password or user name as you have to be in the Gmail site in order for the script to work.
  4. Leave Gmail and the script stops.
  5. Undetectable by the host if the Greasemonkey script is present.