Monday, January 22, 2007

22 days and counting...

I have been using Plaxo4Gmail in it's current form for 22 days and have not felt the need to go in and make any code adjustments, yet. I add - delete - edit my contacts all the time from different sync address books with success. Here is my latest example:

I just got a new FREE RAZR V3r with myFaves from my employer, T-Mobile (what a perk!), and needed to get all my current contacts in it. The new V3r has a much improved Ph. Book, which includes NEW fields for Street Addresses, Nickname, and Birthday.

My old phone had some discrepancies between the Ph. Book and the Plaxo/Gmail/Outlook/Thunderbird/AIM/PocketPC/ Contacts List. I had added about 30 new peoples phone numbers to it. Contacts in my phone but not in my Plaxo? This had to be fixed.

For me, this situation is a minor inconvenience. I use Motorola Phone Tools software to get everything back current. MPT links to Outlook. Using MPT, I updated Outlook which in turn updates Plaxo, which in turn updates everything and when I opened Gmail, all 30 of my V3r Ph Book entries were now in Gmail's Contacts. At the same time there were 4 new email addresses in Plaxo that were updated to the new Motorola V3r.

Cool. I also discovered a way to get around the whole picture bug that has given me such headaches. The phone number only entries did not suffer from it. They all got the proper ghost image on Gmail. Hmmmmmm..... Maybe I will be updating the code after all.


What can I say, you're brilliant. I wonder what the guys at plaxo are doing all this time. Kudos for what you have achieved. Just one more thing...if you can develop a contacts gadget for the google personalised home fact the plaxo guys have done a brilliant job on how the Plaxo toolbar for IE looks...something similar for google homepage and you'll become the Creative Director at Plaxo...

Thank you for the kind words Shaleen. I have been contemplating some widgets for Yahoo! and gadgets for Gmail.

Plaxo HAS contacted me to be part of the beta testing team for Plaxo 3.0. There are some web-based address books you will be able to sync with including Gmail or so I've heard...

Greg, great idea, but I can't get it to work. When I try to log in to Plaxo from Gmail, the login screen just sits there. I've tried deleting and recreating my Plaxo account and everything. Any tips? I really want this to work =)

A few questions...
Mac or Windows, version?

Firefox version?

Greasemonkey version?

Usually when all fails, you can delete the cookies for, log back into Gmail and try logging in to Plaxo again. This will give your Plaxo4Gmail a new Unique ID. Let me know what happens.

Can't get it to work. I'm able to login, but once I press sync, the arrows start rotating but nothing happens.

I've tried to empty cache, cookies etc but nothing works.

I'm running XP SP2 and Firefox and GreaseMonkey

Seems like such a great idea...

Greg, I cleared the cookies for and plaxo, still just sits there when I click login:

Windows XP Home Edition SP2 Ver. 2002



Jason & m97rek,

Try using the gmail version without chat and do the following...

1) In Firefox, go to Tools : Error Console, and select Messages
2) Now try to log in or sync and tell me your error messages.

The debug tools are still in there and I should be able to figure out where the connection is timing out.

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m97rek - I saw the link but because it had some of your private Plaxo login stuff in it, I removed it. The page you are getting is not the correct response. "Lost Link" is the title of the response so I'll speak with the Plaxo guys to see what triggers this.

I'll bet you have more than 1 contact folder? Kontakter2 is the target folder name. This leads me to believe my script can only handle 1 contact folder. I won't have a fix until the next version update. If you want it to work, only 1 contact folder should be listed in Plaxo. Sorry.