Sunday, December 24, 2006

Before you begin

Proceed with caution (AT YOUR OWN RISK). Before starting the Plaxo4Gmail script, make sure you have a back up copy of BOTH your Plaxo contacts and your Gmail contacts. Remember, this script has only been tested by me. I'm sure there are a few possible scenarios I could have overlooked.

There are a few issues with the current script I am aware of:

  1. Plaxo does not recognize Gmail photos...
  2. If adding multiple NEW contacts from the Plaxo address book, like when you "slow sync", Gmail will not let you in to the contact entry unless it exists in Gmail BEFORE you begin the sync.
    • If you click on the entry and get a script timeout error, the photo issue is why.
    • The current workaround is before you initially "slow sync" your contacts from Plaxo, import the Plaxo contacts.
  3. A "slow sync" with Plaxo will overwrite any existing Gmail contact data if the same email address.
    • I don't have any "Which information do you want to keep?" scripts yet.
    • No workaround yet
  4. Different contacts coming from Plaxo that have the same email address will only map to Gmail with the first one presented.
    • The second one will fail as Gmail does not like duplicate email addresses.
    • The current workaround is make sure all your Plaxo contacts have a unique email address or none at all.
  5. Photos from Plaxo do not display in Gmail.
    • I have provided the Photo URL where you can load it yourself.


Yay! My address book is now synced! This is cool. How about a sync now for the calendar?