Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Plaxo Adds Google Support


GMail is now syncable from Plaxo. I've tried it out and it works. I'm not sure if P4G has a reason for existing now, but I plan on taking the code and what I have learned to sync other systems into Plaxo. The next project may be "Mobical" sync so we will have a way to use Plaxo with SyncML.

Thanks everyone for trying P4G!

Sincerely, Greg

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Gmail Groups, Outlook Categories, and Tags

Gmail has "Groups". Outlook has "Categories". But both definitions really describe "tags". Tags became popular with Flickr and Picasa for describing photo data. Here is an example:

You have a picture of a boat on a Lake in Seattle. Your tag descriptions might look like "Boat", "Lake", and "Seattle".

Someone out there may find this picture and add the tags, "Summer", "Water", "Outdoors", and "Yacht".

Tags have increased the popularity on favorite sharing sites like del.icio.us and video sites like YouTube. Now most every blog entry has tags to organize the data, making it easier to find what you are looking for, and to be able to filter easily on a lable.

Our contacts are no different. Think of your contacts like any other data that needs organizing. If it is a contact that should be on your phone, make sure it has the category "My Phone", if it is a favorite, or family, or work, or college or a combination of multiple categories, get them ready now for tags now.

Plaxo4Gmail will be looking at "Categories" in its next version and converting them to Gmail's "Groups".

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Gmail address book packet data

I just found a new way to access the Gmail address book data. The trick was shared on a different site and may be a glimpse to an address book API.

Log into Gmail and enter this address:

Google video is using contact data from Gmail so you can share the video with your Gmail contacts. The interesting thing is all the contact data is there, not just email addresses.

The page the script is lifted from is here.


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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Minor Change V1.02

Whats different: Login screen will now properly show error messages generated by Plaxo to assist in troubleshooting.

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Plaxo Updates its servers

Plaxo updated their servers on Monday, Feb 26, 2007. This caused a bit of a glitch for new users of the Plaxo4Gmail script. They have been prevented from getting a Unique Global Identifier for their Plaxo4Gmail sync engine. Many new users have been reporting to me they are getting a "513" error in the JavaScript or Error Console in Firefox or that they click on the "sign in" for the first time and nothing happens. I've spoken with Plaxo about the issue and they are looking into the error.

This is only affecting new users of the script. Existing users will continue to sync with Plaxo unless they erase the cookies for Gmail.

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Minor update V 1.01b

Whats changed: a minor change in the script lets Google domain sites use the script. Thanks to ChicagoMicro (Julian) for the email account to test it on.

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Minor Update V 1.01a

Whats updated: On 405 issued from Plaxo, (Bad Anchor) The script will reverse back to the missed anchor then go forward.

A better routine for adding new entries without email addresses has been developed. The old way occasionally caused contacts to show up twice when doing a new full sync with the server.

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